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JPS Masonry
Q- My basement window leaked what can I do to fix it without closing the window?
A- Depending on room available, we can raise the height of the window with masonry block or by installing glass block.

Q- My countertops are old and hard to keep clean. What can I do?
A- There are many different options such as tile, granite, marble, and Corian® that are installed with a backsplash.

Q- I have cracked grout on my floors and walls. Can they be grouted again?
A- Yes, but to do it correctly, you must scrape the existing grout out and clean it very well before the new grout can be installed.

Q- My bathroom is old. What can I do with it?
A- Maybe add a natural stone floor and a nice vanity with some tumbled marble for the walls and inside the shower.

Q- I had my basement refurnished but I have too many bare walls. What can I do?
A- Add some character with stone, brick, or color stucco.

Q- I spent a fortune in my kitchen updating my appliances. What else can we do to spruce it up?
A- The beauty of stone or brick will definitely add character to the kitchen area.

Q- The winter months are very dreary sitting in my den. What can we add?
A- Why not add a gas or wood fireplace with a beautiful surrounding.

Q- Why are my walls and ceiling stained near my fireplace?
A- It could be several reasons; a cracked crown, stucco or bricks missing, or the flashing could need replacement.

Q- My basement walls are wet and damp when it rains, and I also at times have water on my floor. What can be done to correct this?
A- We may be able to correct is from outside by adjusting the grade or divert down spouts away from the house. If these options don't correct the problem then you may have to install a French drain.

Q- Why is my garage floor always wet when it rains?
A- Your driveway is more then likely pitched toward your garage, installing a drain will correct this.

Q- I have cracks in my concrete driveway. What can I do?
A- Cracks can be cut out and replaced with new concrete or in some cases if the cracks are straight across the driveway we can cut out and place brick ribbons in there to dress it up.

Q- My front porch is in bad shape and is falling apart. Help me!
A- It really depends on how bad the condition is. If the block work or concrete is solid enough we can resurface with a blue stone or hardscape products
like pavers.

Q- My property is lower than my neighbors and their water drains on my property. What can we do to direct the water away from my house and hold back
the dirt?
A- The grade can be adjusted and drains can be installed. We can also install a retaining wall to hold back the dirt.

JPS Sealing & Power Washing
Q- Why should I sealcoat my driveway?
A- Sealcoating asphalt will cause it to have a much longer life than that of an unsealed pavement. Even on a weak pavement, sealcoating will preserve water and oxidizing effects of the sun, salts, and petroleum spillage. This coating preserves the pavement surface, and the asphalt and aggregate layers will remain protected and moist for flexibility.

Q- What kind of sealing product do you use?
A- We use a coal tar asphalt emulsion pitch fortified with liquid latex rubber and diamond shield that will treat and protect any asphalt surface. Coal tar is a closed ring of hydrocarbons that do not oxidize (dry out) when exposed to weathering or chemicals that commonly come in contact with asphalt.

Q- How often should I sealcoat my driveway?
A- It's honestly a personal preference. Some customers prefer to sealcoat their driveway every year so to keep that nice crisp esthetic look. Others prefer to do it every few years once the sealcoat starts to wear off.

Q- What if I have cracks in my driveway?
A- Cracks can be taken care of easily, they can be crack sealed prior to sealcoating the driveway.

Q- What are the benefits of sealcoating my driveway?
A- It will increase the esthetic value of your property and home. Sealcoating provides; outstanding resistance to detergents used to clean pavements subjected to heavy fuel, oil, or grease spillages, excellent resistance to water, superior weathering ability, non-scuffing under normal conditions, extends the service life of asphalt pavements, dries to a velvety black color, adds safety by minimizing loose stone aggregate. It can be striped with water emulsion paints after the film has cured.

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